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Empowering lawyers with smarter resource allocation. Building better law firms with happier, more productive teams.
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Report workload in real-time

A platform lawyers enjoy using

Wemble's mission is to create a user-friendly platform that lawyers enjoy using. We collaborate with leading researchers and designers to ensure our product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional
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"Wemble gives me more control of my workload situation, which is very helpful not only when I have to much too do, but also when I'm available and would like new tasks."
Associate at Swedish law firm

Data-driven decision-making

With all your data and systems synced on one dashboard, you're always ahead of the situation.
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"We implemented Wemble in early 2020 and use this actively to ensure that our lawyers have a simple tool for distributing assignments in an efficient manner and ensuring the right workload. "
Norwegian law firm
250 lawyers

Competence management

Keep track of your employees' competences and identify where training efforts should be focused

Workplace overview

Get an overview of where your employees are working, and monitor its effects on wellbeing

Project overview

A simple and intuitive project management system becomes extremely powerful in conjunction with all data available in Wemble

Seamless integrations with other solutions

Wemble works well with other systems such as competence management, time reporting, etc., and we are continuously adding more.

Here's what our customers say

"Wemble has given us a much better overview of our workload and has made delegation easier for managers"
Swedish law firm
600 lawyers
"We have been using Wemble daily for 2,5 years and think it is a great tool. We have replaced old ways of working with outdated excel-sheets and replaced them with live updates in Wemble"
Swedish law firm
250 lawyers

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is committed to strong corporate governance practices to uphold our reliability as a provider to our clients

Hugo Falk
Chief Executive Officer
Board member

Previous experiences include the founding of several startup companies including ed-tech platform LearnIt

Jeroen Plink
Chairman of the Board
Board member

Former CEO of Clifford Chance Applied Solutions and Practical Law US

Rebin Kadir
Chief Operating Officer
Board member

Experienced manager of sales teams across various industries

Zacharias Jörsmo
Legal advisor
Board member

Former lawyer at Mannheimer Swartling  currently serving as the CEO of a digital fundraising platform Techquity

Ulrik Börjesson
Technical advisor
‍Board member

CEO of IT consultancy firm uBit and holder of an MSc in computer systems and networks with emphasis on IT security

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