Make your organization more efficient

Wemble offers you a full overview of your organisation's current workload, capacity and skill set. This makes it easier than ever to optimise the use of your organization's resources, and effectivize the way you work.


Easier delegation
Easier delegation

With Wemble, it’s easy to see who’s best positioned to take on a new task. It makes delegation easier than ever.

Evenly distributed workload
Evenly distributed workload

With effortless delegation both horisontally and vertically, work gets more evenly distributed throughout the organisation.

Increased efficiency
Increased efficiency

With a more evenly distributed workload, your organisation’s capacity is fully utilised and efficiency inreases.

Lowered levels of stress
Lowered levels of stress

When employees are in control over their own work situation, levels of stress drop significantly.


Data exports

Data created in Wemble can be exported to excel sheets

Advanced insights

Utilize built in tools to analyze all your data and get valuable insights


Users can signal whether they are working from home in Wemble

Email reminders

Users can report their workload directly from the email client with optional reminders


Wemble is compatible with all SAML2.0 compatible IdPs

GDPR compliant

Wemble follows GDPR. You can read our privacy policy at

Data storage

All client data is stored securely & within the EU

Mobile app

Wemble is available as a mobile app in addition to the web-based application

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