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Wemble offers you a full overview of your organisation's current workload, capacity and skill set. This makes it easier than ever to optimize the use of your human resources, while avoiding stress and costly burnouts.


Collect and use relevant data to improve employee wellbeing as well as results

The problem

"Stress and burnouts cost companies about $125-190 billion per year. "

Harvard Business Review
The solution

Industry leaders use Wemble to delegate in a more efficient manner

The process of reporting workload is as simple as possible and only requires one click. Users can also choose to get emails where they can report their workload without leaving the email client. In addition to current workload, Wemble also allows for other parameters such as future workload forecast and custom messages.

In the statuses page, managers and team members can get an overview of the current workload situation for the team as well as other teams within the organization.

All data created in Wemble can be exported or viewed and analyzed within the application. For example, aggregated average workloads of different groups can be used as an important metric when making staffing decisions.


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